The Silver Sword Book Review
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The Silver Sword book review

Ian Serraillier
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Title: The Silver Sword

Author: Ian Serraillier

Story Rating
8.0 out of a possible 10.0
Book review by: Eleanor - Gainers of Knowledge - StgSec
age: 14

Review submitted on 04/18/2011 at 04:06:56

Illustrations Rating
0.0 out of a possible 10.0

Eleanor - Gainers of Knowledge - StgSec writes the following about The Silver Sword :
This is a story about a polish family that lived in a small town called Warsaw during the Second World War. The Balickis had three children. Ruth was the eldest, she was thirteen. Edek the second eldest just turned eleven and Bronia the youngest was three. Their father was a teacher in a primary school and his wife Margrit was a house wife. Joseph Balicki got taken to a prison for disobeying the orders of the Nazis. His children had to face difficulties and hardships. They had to grow up faster than normal children. They had to be responsible. Ruth was going to get the biggest responsibility of all, taking care of her siblings. Joseph was taken to a prison camp in Zakyna. He tried several times to escape, sometimes he got caught. Many nights of watching and planning he did it! He finally escaped. After days of walking he found a hut close to a valley and stayed there for a week with a countryman and his wife. The soldiers found him! Although he managed to sneak out without getting caught, he still had to travel faster to make sure that he didnít get caught. He decided to go to the one place he felt safe, Warsaw where he would reunite with his wife and children. It took him quite some time to get there. He arrived in shock to see what Warsaw had become. The sight was unbearable. Not one undamaged building in sight. He was still determined. He went to the polish welfare to see if maybe his children were there. He asked the women that stayed in the welfare, Mrs. Krause if she knew what had happened to his children and if she had seen his wife. He was stunned to find that his wife had been taken away to Germany to work on the land and his children could have died in the explosions taking place. He spent several days looking for his children, and then one day while looking in a pile of rubble he found a silver sword not just any silver sword but a sword that his wife had given him for his birthday the year before. Then in the house he had found a young boy. A boy named Jan who didnít talk much at first. Joseph had asked the boy if he had seen his children and briefly explained their description. He had asked him to tell his children if someday he meets them to tell them to meet him in Switzerland at their grandparentís home. The following day Joseph set off to Switzerland on a goods train. Ruth, Edek and Bronia had made a home at the other side of the city in a cellar. Edek as the second eldest and as the only boy in the family thought that it was his responsibility to bring food, clothes and money to the family. He started smuggling. One morning he did not return to the cellar Ruth got worried. After some days of searching she traced him in a village. He was taken in a van after being caught robbing a house. Two years later there was still no news of Edek. One day while playing a game in the yard Bronia saw a boy. It was Jan. He was very ill and could not leave and then when he did get well he didnít want to leave. Sometime later Ruth went to the Russian Sentry to ask for help, she told him her story and hoped that he would help. He gave her some supplies and often went to visit at her home they had become very close. After some time Jan remembered what their father had said and told them where their wanted to meet. After departing from Warsaw they met through many troubles and had found Edek and had become even closer to Jan. After many months of searching they had found out where their father and mother had been. They were at a Red Cross camp close to Switzerland. They arrived to their destination with joy in their hearts. When they had found their parents Jan had instantly became a part of the family. After many weeks they become attached to where they stayed and came to love where they are. My favourite character in the book is Ruth because, she is a very confident, responsible and very independent person. I like this book because it teaches you a lot about other peopleís lives and the hardships that they face and makes you want to give out a helping hand. This book is suitable for readers aged 13 and up.
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