Woodsong Book Review
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Woodsong book review

Gary Paulsen
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Title: Woodsong

Author: Gary Paulsen
Illustrator: Gary Paulsen

Story Rating
9.0 out of a possible 10.0
Book review by: Colby lacher
age: 11

Review submitted on 11/18/2010 at 21:33:45

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Illustrations Rating
9.0 out of a possible 10.0

Colby lacher writes the following about Woodsong :
The name of the book I read is Woodsong. The author is Gary Paulsen, who has many other great books. This book is a great autobiogaphy. I tink many people would enjoy this book. The main obstacle that the setting provides is the Iditarod race. This is a race across eleven hundred miles of Alaskan Wilderness. The race covers mountain ranges, up the Yukon River, out to the coast of the Berring Sea and accross sea ice. It is maddness with about 32 conpetetors. It is one of the most intence races. There are many dangers, hulicinations, snow blizzards, frost bite, and even just falling off a sled. There are parts where it is pitch black, he's having hulicinations , and keeps getting stuck in broken fallen down trees. This area is called the burn. All of these events in 17 days and 14 hours. Atruly crazy ride. One connection I have to this book is I have had a feeling that I would never make it through elementry school. It is nothing to what he did but it was long hard time to finaly make it through emementry school. When I finaly did make it, i couldnt believe it. An unanswered question I have is why does he want to go back through the race at the end of the story. He went through such a rough time and wants to do it again.
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