If I Just Had Two Wings Book Review
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If I Just Had Two Wings book review

Virgina Frances Schwartz
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Title: If I Just Had Two Wings

Author: Virgina Frances Schwartz

Story Rating
10.0 out of a possible 10.0
Book review by: Keshia Eversley-Omlin- Skittlz
age: 12

Review submitted on 05/30/2004 at 18:01:50

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Illustrations Rating
10.0 out of a possible 10.0

Keshia Eversley-Omlin- Skittlz writes the following about If I Just Had Two Wings :
Wow! This book is amazing. It talks about slavery in the United States. Sure, there's no longer slavery, but there's a lot of racism and hate. I would know seeing that I've gone through it. Anyway, this book is about a thirteen-year-old girl named Phoebe who has lived her netire life as a slave. Everyday she dreams of freedom dreaming of leaving the plantation. Imagine, sleeping on a dirt floor with no more than a burlap sack as you covers. Waking up when your told to going to sleep when your told to. Yeah, it does sound a lot loike jail if that's what you were thinking. Spending everyday in the hot sun picking cotton and if you stopped working or were tired you would be whipped. At night Phoebe talks to an old slave who tells her how to escape to Canada, the land of freedom, (whoo-hoo Canada rocks! :)) As she begins her walk to Canada, a 4 state walk, she starts to have regrets about going then she decides "No I will not be like my parents I will escape tonight". Well of course the guards start looking for her but she remebers the old slave's words. "Ask for the password," he says "If they give you a correct one then they are on your side, if they don't, they aren't." Eventually she makes it to Canada in about a year. She starts a new life but misses her family so. So she decides to go back and get her family. She does so and every lives 'Happily Ever After'. lol
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