goosebumps Horrorland Book Review
Book Review

goosebumps Horrorland book review

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Title: goosebumps Horrorland
Subtitle: Say cheese and die screaming

Author: R.L.STINE

Story Rating
5.0 out of a possible 10.0
Book review by: eb
age: 10

Review submitted on 02/19/2010 at 00:55:45

Illustrations Rating
5.0 out of a possible 10.0

eb writes the following about goosebumps Horrorland :
Gone in a flash A picture is worth thousand screams--if its taken with an evil camera that has a nasty vision of the futre.julies future doesent look preety.and neiyher does any one elses after there caught in there lens. Scream for the camera things start looking up when julie gets to horrer land.that is,until she starts falling down...into the tunnel of screams.a giant spider attack,bugs julie and makes her suspect the park is not at all fun
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