Gifted Hands Book Review
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Gifted Hands book review

Ben carson
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Title: Gifted Hands

Author: Ben carson

Story Rating
10.0 out of a possible 10.0
Book review by: Kelly Le
age: 13

Review submitted on 09/08/2007 at 19:49:37

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Illustrations Rating
0.0 out of a possible 10.0

Kelly Le writes the following about Gifted Hands :

The book Gifted Hands tells you a little about what Ben Carson went through during his life. The beginning of the story, explains that Ben was a poor kid who grew up in the streets of Detroit. Sonya, Ben’s mother had seemed to work constantly. She worked almost 24/7 to support Ben & his brother Curtis. They were very poor. The job that she works at did not pay very well. Carson did not do too well in school. He seemed to struggle a lot, and kids always made fun of him by calling him by the name of “dumb kid.” Up until he reached the age of 11 his mother, and a few of his school teachers helped motivate him into developing an interest in school. He than began to start doing well, and soon kids stop calling him names. His classmates also started to come to Ben for help. At a point of time, Ben and his older brother Curtis seemed to lack school work & did very horrible. That is when their mother realized it and laid down a rule. Her rule was that they only got to watch a certain amount of television a week, and had to read a certain amount of books along with writing a report on every book they had read. With their mother’s help, it made them enjoy reading & writing. They soon began to be good readers. And that was the time when Ben discovered he had an interest in science.

Ben soon did very well in class. His grades were poor, and now he was actually at the top of the class. He couldn’t believe it. That was his goal to reach the top. His grades were so good that by the time of high school, Ben received a full scholarship to attend many colleges. Ben decided to attend Yale University, where he then met a girl named Candy. Later on in the story, Ben decides to ask Candy for her hand of marriage. Although Ben was top of the class he soon lost that advantage & began to do poorly once again during freshmen year at Yale. Ben went to Church quite often during his college years. He soon converted into Christianity. Ben finally graduated from Yale in the year of 1973. Carson’s dream was to become a doctor. So, he then went onto medical school. After medical school, Ben headed towards a school that is very hard to get into. At his surprise, he got accepted to John Hopkins, where he faced his most difficult surgery. Ben was sent to doing surgery on a little girl by the name of Miranda. They explained how she had hundreds of seizures a day, since she was little. That surgery given on Miranda was known as the “hemispherectomy.”

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