The Time Tunnel and the Grail Book Review
Book Review

The Time Tunnel and the Grail book review

Adrian Rogers
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Title: The Time Tunnel and the Grail
Subtitle: Fantasy

Author: Adrian Rogers

Story Rating
5.0 out of a possible 10.0
Book review by: Gotanenvoy
age: 60

Review submitted on 04/09/2006 at 06:47:48

Illustrations Rating
0.0 out of a possible 10.0

Gotanenvoy writes the following about The Time Tunnel and the Grail :
Review of ?The Time Tunnel and the Grail?
Author: Adrian Rogers
Publisher: Mountain Mist Productions

In the tropical heat of Darwin, John Finnis was struggling with his mid-life crisis. Divorced and questioning his worth as a music teacher, he felt he was slipping away from reality. More and more he finds himself immersed in the dreams that are taking a hold of him.

The increasing doubt in his mind about what is real takes an unusual twist. A time tunnel appears in his house that transports him back to the sixth century in England. It is a time when King Arthur and his knights of the round table are at the height of their powers.

John Finnis finds himself drawn into the fabric of sixth century England, until he becomes a part of it. His alter ego, that part of himself seeking a way to escape the pressures of the present, takes the form of a young bard. It is in this guise that he sets out to discover his true self and fulfil his ultimate potential.

During this journey he becomes a great friend of Merlin and King Arthur and discovers his true love, Ellen. So involved does he become in the lives of those in Camelot, he finds it harder to rationalize his existance in the twenty first century. His time travel mix is further complicated by the action of the gods, the Angry Prophet and the Serpent man. They are brothers who in the world of the god?s represent the extremes of hope for mortal humanity. The Angry Prophet would punish mortals for being what they are and the Serpent Man would give them hope for an enlightened existance.

Throughout all the trials put in place for John Finnis to overcome, getting the Grail from its hiding place is the most arduous one. Its successful reclamation is the key to John Finnis? physical and mental salvation. He is sent upon a quest that will test all of his resolve to survive, putting him through a range of emotions and deeds he thought himself incapable of conquering.

Adrian Rogers has created a wonderful fantasy full of powerful images, brought to life by a language full of richness. The reader is taken on a voyage that shows its creator is indeed a master storyteller with a wonderful command of the English language and his imagination. I found the story fascinating from start to finish. It is a book that once started will not let its reader put it down.

For a thoroughly enjoyable read this is a book I highly recommend.

Review by Warren Thurston ? Owner of Pentales

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