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The Curriculum Archive Copyright Statement

The Curriculum Archive is a repository for lessons and curriculum for all grade levels and subject areas. The lessons are contributed by users who are interested in sharing their ideas, gathering feedback, and collecting income for their contributions. Please feel free to use these lessons and ideas in your classroom as you see fit. You have permission to link to any content in the archive from your own or your school's web site without express permission from the authors.

Please be aware that ownership of the lessons in this archive is retained by the author of each lesson. Any request for use of the lesson plan outside the classroom environment or beyond other such fair use guidelines must be made to the author of the lesson. This includes all requests to reproduce or redistribute the lessons via publications or other media outlets.

The BuildingRainbows Curriculum Archive does not have authority to grant permission to use the individual lessons in any applications outside the classroom environment or others included in educational fair use guidelines.

More information on copyright laws and fair use guidelines can be found at :

U.S. Copyright Office

Copyright and Fair use

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like more information about submissions to The Curriculum Archive. We look forward to receiving your contributions.

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