The Curriculum Archive is a central repository for lessons and classroom projects. You can earn extra income while contributing your ideas to this collective resource. Read this information to find out about payment schedules.

The Curriculum Archive

The Curriculum Archive is a repository for lessons and curriculum for all grade levels and subject areas. The lessons are contributed by users who are interested in sharing their ideas, gathering feedback, and collecting income for their contributions.

Users who wish to share content should submit a lesson by clicking add here or above on the menu bar. Simply fill in the lesson contribution form and our editors will review your content for inclusion into the archive. If your lesson is accepted, we will add it to the archive and contact you about personal information for mailing your check.


We pay lesson authors 100% of all income produced by advertising on their lesson(s) and the associated discussion forum(s). We format each accepted lesson and provide the advertising links to the pages. These advertisements generate a small amount of income each time they are viewed, therefore the more a lesson is viewed, the higher level of income the lesson will generate.

Users who have lessons accepted into the archive will receive a check every three months for the total income their lesson(s) have generated for that three month period. (If the total income the lesson generates is less than $5.00, the payment will be put off to the next pay period in which the account balance is above $5.00.) Since the income you receive is directly related to the number of times your page is seen by others, you can maximize your revenue by letting others know about your lesson and the curriculum archive web site. In addition, the more lessons you contribute, the more income you will receive.

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Finally, since the highest quality and most relevant lessons are likely to be those to which other web sites will link, the originality of your ideas and the quality and completeness of your presentations are very important to your lesson's revenue generating potential.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like more information about submissions to The Curriculum Archive. We look forward to receiving your contributions.

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